Sculpture and Circular Economy: It's possible!

The vast majority of my sculptures are made with recycled marble. I often use old tombstones destined for the dumpster. Other times I use remains of slabs bought from local marble suppliers. Thus Sculpture and Circular Economy becomes possible!

Main Exhibitions:
Basel - Paris - Milan - Barcelona - Monaco - Rotterdam.

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This artwork expresses on one hand, the difficulty to find a breath of fresh air during the confinement period. On the other hand, she adresses the interaction between the pressure we put on our planet and our difficulty to live with the latter. When will we find harmony?

The pandemic revealed what was essential in our lives.
We experienced lack... How much we can miss hugging another human being, or not being afraid.
We have also heard how birds sing louder when there are less cars around. We have experienced nature taking her rights back as we take a step back.
So what will we do tomorrow? Will we go back to the way we were doing before, just because we're used to? or because we're scared? Or will we be strong enough to rethink our society, find some fresh air and finally breathe at the same rhythm of our planet?

Dimension approx: width: 77cm - length: 100cm - height: 15cm
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