Sculpture and Circular Economy: It's possible!

The vast majority of my sculptures are made with recycled marble. I often use old tombstones destined for the dumpster. Other times I use remains of slabs bought from local marble suppliers. Thus Sculpture and Circular Economy becomes possible!

Main Exhibitions:
Basel - Paris - Milan - Barcelona - Monaco - Rotterdam.

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Just a tear rolling down the cheek... IN CHAOTIC LANDS - Bardiglio grey marble (Italy) 2021

How could I have explained that I couldn't stop until a tear rolled down her cheek, until the mark left by this last year could be seen on her mouth, the concern on her forehead... while the sky gets reflected on the cracked ground.
Or daring to work the marble and its veins until stone and sculpture become a unique and new thing.

This work, like most of my sculptures, is made with recycled stones, 2 old tombstones that were destined for the dumpster.

Dimension approx: width: 90cm - length: 120cm - height: 15cm + base
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